Saturday, September 15, 2007

.:: random things ::.

Ten random things about me.
10) i like baileys irish cream and white russian alot.
9) i like to be real.
8) i love romance novels.
7) i am scared of airplanes.
6) i like silence.
5) i am addicted to Pallmall menthol.
4) i am also addicted to ice lemon tea.
3) the sims is my favorite games.
2) i like to pre-plan things.
1) i love my family and husband and friends alot.

Nine ways to win my heart.
9) always be nice and patient to me
8) calls me baby and sweet heart.
7) cares about me.
6) is always there for me when i need you.
5) makes me feel unique.
4) shows affection.
3) makes me laugh even when i'm sad.
2) gives me respect.
1) is very open with me.

Eight things I want to do before I die.
8) have 3 children.
7) live in happily with my husband and our children.
6) go shopping in paris, france and italy.
5) have three children.
4) read all the japanese comics that i havent read.
3) be a very usefull and good people for my country.
2) live life to it's fullest.
1) to be loved by the one i love so much.

Seven things that annoy me.
7) disrespect.
6) things taken way to seriously.
5) PeOpLe wHoO tYpEe LiKe ThiS.
4) girls that don't have respect for themselves.
3) slackers.
2) control fanatics.
1) liars.

Six things I love to do.
6) drinkcoffee.
5) go shopping.
4) watch scary movies while covering my ears and eyes.
3) being hugged and kissed by him.
2) drink sprite and white russian.
1) be with my "RTBL"all the time.

Five things I'm afraid of.
5) heights.
4) the test you must pass to graduate from something.
3) messing up.
2) not having the same opportunities like the other succesfull people had and has.
1) not death. because i have faith.

Four of my favorite things.
4) coffee.
3) high heel shoes and nice clothes.
2) ice lemon tea.
1) my "RTBL".

Three things I do everyday.
3) read my comics and watching the market fluctuation of some currencies trading.
2) drink coffee. -i am obviously addicted.
1) concentrate on doing my transactions on work.

Two things I want to do right now.
2) listen to music.
1) drink some ice tea.

One person I want to see right now.
1) my "RTBL"....Sleeping beside me....

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