Monday, September 24, 2007

.: true friends :.

True Friends are gifts!

True Friends are always missed!

True Friends never lie!

They always tell the truth, Even if it's not what you want to hear...BUT hey it's the TRUTH!

True Friends are loving, Caring, and Strong-they seem to always know when your going "through it" and when something's wrong!

True Friends will always encourage you and tell you..."to keep holding on"!

I truly believe that TRUE Friends are a blessing-from God...

Some may have many, Some may have few, Some may have one- but that's okay because one's make it through!!

So Thank God Everyday for your friend who is TRUE and see it as if God has placed them there-just for you!

And if you ever come upon one who has NO friend...have Sympathy and Compassion for they are the one's who have not yet known the Blessing and Love of a...


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