Friday, November 23, 2007

,: ini buat kamu rine :.

Seorang teman baru saja menutup teleponnya...dia secara panjang kali lebar bercerita tentang kepedihan hatinya karena baru saja putus dari pacarnya...actually i dont know what to say to her...i only can hear and hear to everything that she said...and also give her comforts so at least she wont feel depressed any more...

Rin...this poem is for you...i hope you be tough...there are plenty new mates around you...

Heartache, and heartbreak go hand in hand when a relationship ends..
Your confidence is shattered, your pride is broken, and the light at the end
of the tunnel seems too distant to even try to reach. The good news, is that
it all eventually gets better. Days, weeks, or months. We all handle break
ups differently. While some seemingly pick up and move on very quickly,
others tend to wallow in self pity and depression for a very long time.

The quickest way to lessen the heartbreak in my experiences is to accept
the pain, and allow yourself to grieve. Don't try to bury it and act as if the
heartache isn't there. It eventually needs to be released. Write a
heartbreak poem and let your feelings go. Accept the things that you
cannot change. Nobody is perfect, and try to learn from mistakes that you
may have made in your relationship. You have grown as a person, and
your next mate will surely see it.

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