Saturday, September 15, 2007

.: complete the sentences :.

-complete the sentence....-

i am not: just any other girl.

i hurt: when i see my friends hurt.

i love: everything about my husband and you.

i hate: nothing right now.

i hope: that one day everyone will stop and appreciate everyone and everything around them.

i hear: myself talking inside.

i regret: alot of mistakes i have made in my past.

i cry: when it is needed.

i care: about all of my husband and you.

i always: try to go by my morals.

i long to: be with my special guy that will make a difference in my life and me make one in his.

i feel alone: when i am alone.

i listen: to anyone that has something to say.

i hide: a lot of my feelings at times.

i drive: by myself whenever i would go.

i sing: to the music and in the shower.

i dance: all the time. but mostly in the clubs.

i write: when i need to or i wanted to.

i breathe: everyday until i can no longer breathe.

i play: literati on yahoo games if i have nothing to do.

i miss: nothing... i am happy with what i have now.

i search: for happiness. and most of the time i find it.

i learn: how to be a better person everyday.

i feel: like i need to be there for every tear that drops down my best friends cheek.

i know: that God is with me all the days of my life.

i say: to myself that everything will all be ok and if anything goes wrong it to shall pass.

i succeed: when i try my best for everything.

i fail: when i fail to do things and when i go against what i say i am going to do.

i dream: when i fall asleep.

i sleep: when i am not awake.

i wonder: if others are scared to die because if they are i want them to not be afraid because if they have faith they will have everlasting life in paradise.

i want: everyone to come to know God.

i worry: about a few that don't go to Him for help.

i have: made myself become a better person and i am the happiest i have been in a long time.

i give: all the love i have to God, my family, and friends.

i fight: when someone make me hurt..

i wait: and try not to rush life... i take it one day at a time.

i need: you and my love one's.

i am: extroadinary if you ever get to know me.

i think: about that day i am standing by the Lord and all the mistakes i made and good things i did will flash right before my eyes. and he will accept me because i accepted him.

i can't help the fact that: i made mistakes in my past i can only learn from them now and become a better person because of them.

i stay: away from the bad things.

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