Saturday, September 15, 2007

.: my little princess ::.

1000 characters are hardly enough to explain how much I love this girl..."CARISSA ZAHRA SAFITRI"...

icha ku...icha - na uwa teteh.......

I just love to... tickle you and to be with you and to talk to you and to chat with you and to hug you and to laugh with you and to hold hands with you and to watch movies " dora ..hip hip hip dora" or "sponge bob square pants" with you and to have lunch with you and to be driving with you and to cuddle you and to wake up next to you and to walk at the gading mall buying j'co with you and to comfort you and to be comforted by you and to plan ahead with you and to see you and even to sms you via your mother my think about you to make you happy to dance with you to drink with you to be with your friends with you to be 'checked out' by you and to kiss you and to be honest with you and to trust you to smell you to spoil you and a few more things that don't belong here.

I simply love to love you

You're the most special niece I have in this world.... and from what I can tell by now... well... I love to make you curious all the time :D..

ayoo chaaaaaa....belajar lagi sama uwa you so much ponakan uwa yang paling cantik seduniaaaa.....

poems for icha

I look into your eyes, I'm falling

Into you. I'm soaring

In the azure sky

In places and ways

I never thought possible before.

I touch your skin

An electric tingle thrills me,

I'm hectic

As I wish your touch

Would linger on me forever.

I smell your scent

the fluttering wings

Of butterflies tremble in my stomach,

As I long to immerse myself

In all of you.

Each little thing about you

Makes the thought of life

Without you,

Seems as unthinkable

As eagles that have never flown.

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