Thursday, February 07, 2008

.: Hide and Seeks :.

A father discovers his 9-year-old daughter has come up with an unexpected and terrifying way of dealing with her mother's death through an imaginary friend. Robert De Niro and Dakota Fanning keep pulses pounding and hearts racing in this chilling horror hit about a troubled father and daughter tormented by someone or something named Charlie, a malevolent entity who may or may not be "imaginary" but is definitely the stuff nightmares are made of!... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I have nothing to watched this old movie... i know its an old movie but not so old i think...but i haven't see it....Starred by well-known Robert De Niro and promising starlet Dakota Fanning, I 'd rather consider this movie a psycho-thriller that tickle the curiosity of our minds.

Opened by a scene of a Mrs. Callaway taking her pills with a glass of wine, then going to her cheery daughter's room to tug-her in with the accustomed hide-and-seek game. A last good night kiss from a mother who chooses to end her life with a suicide. Slashing her wrist while soaking in tub, immensed her naked body in trickling blood bath. Her wide eyed daughter Emily, witnessed the moment her husband found her body behind the curtain.

Troubled and traumatized, Emily grew quiet and self-drawn, the only thing connecting her mind with the outside world is through her drawing. Callaway then decide to move to the far-side of New York to start a new life and wipe out the terrible memory. Instead of recovering, Emily is worsening by beginning to have an imaginary friend called Charlie.

As a psychologist, Callaway tried to use Charlie to communicate with his daughter's inner-self. But things were getting no better when terrible things happen, blood on the shower curtain, dead cat soaked in the tub. Emily claimed them of Charlie's deed. Callaway thought it was Emily's way of getting into him, for not noticing her mother's slipaway.
But when murder's involved, he began to wonder, who is this hideous Charlie? Is he some sort of unworldly creature from the depth of the forest? Her daughter's drawings are showing a bearded man, setting his suspicions to a neighbor. They just lost a daughter whose picture cearing resemblance to Emily. A twist in the end leaves a disturbing question of who the menace really is.

Dakota Fanning is plays equally well with De Niro, she's sweet, sad, disturbed, cunning, precocious, scared, all the emotions flows naturally from her. The opening and closing soundtracks are also intriguing. I'd probably buy the original Dvd to watch better because the piracy Dvd that i watched isn't really good, and see if I miss any clue towards the twisting end.
I'd rate this movie 7 of 10.

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